Sunday, February 5, 2012

So Now What?



Instead of Ciao Bella, in May we'll be saying aloha and shaking our hips in grass skirts.  We'll keep you posted on the new shenanigans.  Think, lots of pics of ocean.  And lots of meat and rice photos.  Yipee!

Oh Wait, There's More (Kris)

Oh wait, there's more. We saw our dear friends Natalie and Theo and their daughters.  Nothing says the end of a three week trip like a stop in New York the eve of Thanksgiving to say hello to toddlers!

Love them Lil and Liv!

Awake and then asleep. Classic.

LOVED seeing our extended NY family!

What Else Do We Need to Tell You? (Kris)

Well Gus would have his own things to say.

Me?  God, must go back to London.  Don't get me wrong, LOVED Italy, but we did up Italy like crazy so it felt like I conquered it, although Amalfi Coast could be done again for sure and well, Florence again too. Oh hell, Rome again too.  Damn, ok, so fine, I'd go back to Italy.

But London and Paris?  We only got a taste and there was so much more to do, so much more money we could spend on food and clothing!  I should have ate more baked goods in Paris.  If you go to Paris, don't deny yourself.  Don't be a stupid American worrying about carbs - indulge in all things butter and sugar and dough.

So What Did We End Up Buying?

So are you curious what we bought in London?  These were the shoes.  Oh dear, Gus's Jeffrey West shoes gorgeous yes?  And yes, I bought black AND brown - from Irregular Choice.  A place that has a store in New York as well.  I only had 15 minutes before closing time.  I guess that was a good thing because I could have chosen even more shoes!  SO expensive though - in that U.S. dollar hurting so much.  Damn.  Gus got other stuff from Ben Sherman.

Post Trip

Aw jeez.  We never quite "ended" our trip did we?  Perhaps we didn't want to face the fact it was over? Perhaps it's because we were tired as hell.  Or perhaps we just got lazy.  So now, only two months later, will I share the last of our hurrahs through a series of pictures.  I must say to end in London was in divine.  As you saw in earlier post, Buckingham Palace was fantabulous, but I must say the shopping was DIVINE.  I got two pairs of shoes and not much more in London but oh how I just WISH I had gone there with an empty suitcase and loads of dough.  From Harrod's to Selfridge's I was in love.

Check out the numerous pictures below...
The ultra famous Harrod's.  It is BEAUTIFUL.

From the inside looking out.
Xmas time means gorgeous window displays.

And of course they had gorgeous INDOOR displays.

NOW FOR FOOD PORN.  Yes INSIDE HARROD'S is a glorious display of fancies for the foodie.

The stuff was GORGEOUS.  I wanted to BUY EVERYTHING.  Crazy thing is, you can buy it, but you can't eat it there!  You can only eat at their actual restaurants.  So we did - at a dim sum tiny thing.  So expensive for dim sum. We were dumb and hungry and should have explored more because they had some bad ass restaurants in there that looked even better.  

And OF COURSE WE ATE AT THE ICE CREAM PARLOUR inside there.  But those pics are missing along with the Princess Di pics.  Those were weird anyway - the Princess Di ones, that is.