Monday, October 31, 2011

It Fits! (Kris)

That's it. I fit all my clothes in there. Swear. Bringing that and a small tote for my iPad. Crazy!

You know any good spots? (Gus)

I'm very excited for this trip! I've been telling everyone I am going to Europe on vacation. Even my clients know I'm out of town :-) Thank you Mo for letting me take so much time off (like you have a choice) and THANK YOU for covering me at work (I know you have a choice with this one and I owe you).

Being a middle child (AKA: a total asshole) I wasn't as fortunate or deserving as my Brother and Sister and did not make it to Europe for Educational purposes. My brother went to Holland to study Agriculture or something along those lines and my sister went to intern at the World Health Organization (in Switzerland) to do some Mother Teresa type shit.

I'm not sure why Kris never made it to Europe. Hmm...I guess this trip will give us some new insight on each other.

My point is I've never been to Europe so if you know of any good places to check out, eat or experience let me know. My buddy Bryan claims his sister Alex knows all things Italia but I've yet to hear from her.

My Co-Worker Felipe suggested these spots in Paris.

Le Petit Chatelet, Le Train Bleu and La Terrasse

They all look really Frenchy and Awesome (if you can even consider French shit awesome).

Mitch my Legal Advisor and Trusted Attorney (as much as you can trust an Attorney). Suggested these spots in Italy.

Ristorante Antico Pignolo. Lots of good places to go. This was just where we happened to go.

Of course, we also had cocktails at Harry’s Bar. We didn’t eat there (as it was packed) but I’ve heard good things.
Buca Lapi – well known. Awesome steak Florentine. VERY rare, so if you want it cooked through more, you have to ask.

Leatherworking school at the Chuch in the Piazza de Santa Croce – If you’re looking for anything in handmade goods, the school, and the marketplace in front of the church are a good source.

Also, I would hit this church, since it has the tombs of Michelangelo, Galileo and Machiavelli, and a monument to Dante.
Nino’s – by the Spanish Steps
Cocktails at the Hotel de Russe, next to the Piazza de Populo.
Piperno by the Jewish Ghetto
Sant’Eustacho il Caffe, across the piazza from the Pantheon– well known for their coffee (again, more expensive to sit than to order take away or stand).
Thank you both for your insight and Alex I'm still waiting :-)

The Itinerary! (Gus)

Itinerary Transport
5-NovLeave LA to JFKAA Flight #34
Travel Leave JFK to LondonVirgin Atlantic Flight #VS046
SleepOn Plane
6-NovArrive London at 7:50 am
Travel Go to rail & leave for ParisLondon to Paris by EuroStar
Sleep Hilton Arc de Triomphe Paris Hotel
Travel to Versailles / Paris
Sleep Hilton Arc de Triomphe Paris Hotel
Travel Leave to MilanParis to Milian by Train
SleepSleep Hilton Milan
Travel Milan to VeniceMilan to Venice by train
SleepHilton Molino Stucky Venice
Travel Venice to Verona to Florence Venice to Florence by train
SleepHotel Laurus al Duomo
Travel Throughout Florence
SleepHotel Laurus al Duomo
Travel Throughout Florence
SleepHotel Laurus al Duomo
Travel to RomeFlorence to Rome by Train or high speed Ferrari
SleepRome Marriott Grand Hotel Flora
Travel Throughout Rome
SleepRome Marriott Grand Hotel Flora
Travel Throughout Rome
SleepRome Marriott Grand Hotel Flora
Travel Throughout Rome
SleepRome Marriott Grand Hotel Flora
Travel Rome to SorrentoRome to Sorrento by Train
SleepHotel Sorrento City
Travel Pompeii
SleepHotel Sorrento City
Travel Amalfi Coast
SleepHotel Sorrento City
Travel Sorrento-Naples-LondonNaples-London British Airways Flight #2607
SleepCourthouse Doubletree by Hilton
Travel Tottingham/London
SleepCourthouse Doubletree by Hilton
Travel Throughout London
SleepCourthouse Doubletree by Hilton
Travel Fly to NYCVirgin Atlantic Flight #VS009
SleepNatalie and Theo
Travel Fly to LAVirgin America Flight #413

As soon as you see this I know the first thought that comes to mind is: "how did Kris put this all together?" Well, let me ease your worried minds...she didn't!  Kris isn't allowed to book travel ever since she booked our airline tickets to New York on the wrong day.

"She must have hired a great travel agent to put this together." Again, you would be wrong.

If you need any help booking travel hit me up.  As you can see I'm a pro!

BTW: You know when and where will we be.  So, if you want to send a nice bottle of wine (for Kris of course) or some flowers (for me of course) or a nice gift certificate to a Ristoranti near our hotel.  I'm not ashamed to put the ask out there :-)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Monologue from Wifey (Kris)

Hubby was disturbed by my manboots comment.  OK, so if Heidi Klum were in them, they wouldn't be manboots.  Me, 5 foot 4, they look like manboots.  But I'm over it.  I have a plan for the clothing and shoes.  If they fit into the luggage, they get to go.  If they don't, well then I'm screwed.  Sneakers, the manboots and my ugly flats.  They're all going in the bag.  And you'll all see a picture if I succeed.

(TIP) Why take a picture of the contents?  Not just to prove I was able to get all the stuff in there but in case contents are stolen or lost, a picture of what you got is helpful for recovering from airlines or insurance. 
(TIP) When you are at any airport, take a look at what they offer for books and traveling and the local gift shop.  I did in Albuquerque, New Mexico's airport gift shop and FOUND AWESOME tiny LONELY PLANET phrasebooks. Who knew Albuquerque would have what I need?   Got one for French, Italian and Filipino (yes, that's what they called it - Filipino instead of Tagalog).  They are tiny, lightweight and easy to use!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I write! (Gus)

Well, I don't write very well. I shouldn't have cheated off that Asian kid in my ESL class.

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page" - St. Augustine

Stay tuned for the drama this book is going to be good!

Who is ready? (Kris)

Not it.

Wifey writing.

Gus is ready.  I'm not.

Surprise.  (Read sarcastically).

He's got three "outfits" for three weeks.

I've got a pair of jeans -which I'll probably change to something else.  I've got black pants too.  Oh and I bought some "travel" underwear.  I tried it.  It's weird.  Grandma panties with small holes all over.  Weird.

And shoes?  Killing me!  We're going to be in Paris and Italy.  What shoes do I have?  Sneakers and Merrell flat black boots.  The black boots when we purchased - thought cute, but more thought?  DAMN THEY ARE MAN BOOTS.  I need the heel people!  But of course we'll be walking and touristy which means no heels, which means I'll be looking like a hot mess.  Oh well...

Countdown... (Kris)

Gus and Kris travel...FINALLY.

This will be our attempt to keep someone out there with our whereabouts.

This also means that Gus won't update a damn thing, but that he will dictate/direct/boss me around to let me know what to update.  I'll do my best to not censor him, but I am the wifey so I probably will.

So countdown to Europe, just 11 days!