Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Who is ready? (Kris)

Not it.

Wifey writing.

Gus is ready.  I'm not.

Surprise.  (Read sarcastically).

He's got three "outfits" for three weeks.

I've got a pair of jeans -which I'll probably change to something else.  I've got black pants too.  Oh and I bought some "travel" underwear.  I tried it.  It's weird.  Grandma panties with small holes all over.  Weird.

And shoes?  Killing me!  We're going to be in Paris and Italy.  What shoes do I have?  Sneakers and Merrell flat black boots.  The black boots when we purchased - thought cute, but more thought?  DAMN THEY ARE MAN BOOTS.  I need the heel people!  But of course we'll be walking and touristy which means no heels, which means I'll be looking like a hot mess.  Oh well...

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  1. See my previous comment referencing boots ;)