Monday, October 31, 2011

You know any good spots? (Gus)

I'm very excited for this trip! I've been telling everyone I am going to Europe on vacation. Even my clients know I'm out of town :-) Thank you Mo for letting me take so much time off (like you have a choice) and THANK YOU for covering me at work (I know you have a choice with this one and I owe you).

Being a middle child (AKA: a total asshole) I wasn't as fortunate or deserving as my Brother and Sister and did not make it to Europe for Educational purposes. My brother went to Holland to study Agriculture or something along those lines and my sister went to intern at the World Health Organization (in Switzerland) to do some Mother Teresa type shit.

I'm not sure why Kris never made it to Europe. Hmm...I guess this trip will give us some new insight on each other.

My point is I've never been to Europe so if you know of any good places to check out, eat or experience let me know. My buddy Bryan claims his sister Alex knows all things Italia but I've yet to hear from her.

My Co-Worker Felipe suggested these spots in Paris.

Le Petit Chatelet, Le Train Bleu and La Terrasse

They all look really Frenchy and Awesome (if you can even consider French shit awesome).

Mitch my Legal Advisor and Trusted Attorney (as much as you can trust an Attorney). Suggested these spots in Italy.

Ristorante Antico Pignolo. Lots of good places to go. This was just where we happened to go.

Of course, we also had cocktails at Harry’s Bar. We didn’t eat there (as it was packed) but I’ve heard good things.
Buca Lapi – well known. Awesome steak Florentine. VERY rare, so if you want it cooked through more, you have to ask.

Leatherworking school at the Chuch in the Piazza de Santa Croce – If you’re looking for anything in handmade goods, the school, and the marketplace in front of the church are a good source.

Also, I would hit this church, since it has the tombs of Michelangelo, Galileo and Machiavelli, and a monument to Dante.
Nino’s – by the Spanish Steps
Cocktails at the Hotel de Russe, next to the Piazza de Populo.
Piperno by the Jewish Ghetto
Sant’Eustacho il Caffe, across the piazza from the Pantheon– well known for their coffee (again, more expensive to sit than to order take away or stand).
Thank you both for your insight and Alex I'm still waiting :-)


  1. Dude for Rome, hit up the Skeleton Church. We missed out but people on our return flight said it was tight and was telling us all about it. Also if you do miss home (we surprisingly did), go to Hard Rock cafe for fun. American style portions and HUGE bathroom stalls (you'll see when you get there).

  2. Hey, I paid for my trip. Ask dad cuz mom exaggerates ;)

    London- Trafalger Tavern, George Inn, double decker bus, Picadilli, the eye but ask Nef for more..I like Harrods for food and shopping

    Paris- Le Grande Louvre!!!! C'est le meillure!!!! Also try these arrondissments (pronounced Aarron dis months) 5eme (pronounced eee mmm) Latin quarter, 6eme St. Germaine, 9eme Opera & Pigalle, 10eme Canal St. Martin

    Milan- Le Gelatteria della Musica!!!! Via Montenapoleane...last time I was there I bought Dior so bring me maybe Pucci, Gucci, or Versace??? ;) ;)

    Ed or Jeremy should have the rest of Italy down...

  3. ha ha! i'm not bringing you back pucci gucci or versace if i aint bringin anything back for me! did you see my luggage? nothin else is goin to fit girl!

  4. In Rome, eat as much gelato as you can. There is this small gelato place near the Vatican, most amazing gelato ever! The Vatican is alright too...

    The boat tour in London is pretty cool, you can see all the bridges and architecture. Portobello rd & brick lane have some fun indie/artsy flea markets. Gus did you figure out if you can go to a soccer game?

  5. Just mail it and get insurance ;) No luggage necessary!

  6. Neph, hilarious. I love that you said THE VATICAN is "alright". HA HAHAHAHAHA.

  7. is ur camera going to fit in that back pac? i'm not as well traveled as the rest of my cousins, but i wish you n gus a relaxing, wonderful vaca!! you both work so hard, and this trip is so deserved. U do so much for everyone (thank u), and it's about time u do something for u both!! Love u, and don't let the bed bugs bite, lmao.-Tanya

  8. we invested in a SMALL camera. i'm still torn on bringing my big camera. if it fits on my tote, then yes, if not, well. oh well