Thursday, October 27, 2011

Monologue from Wifey (Kris)

Hubby was disturbed by my manboots comment.  OK, so if Heidi Klum were in them, they wouldn't be manboots.  Me, 5 foot 4, they look like manboots.  But I'm over it.  I have a plan for the clothing and shoes.  If they fit into the luggage, they get to go.  If they don't, well then I'm screwed.  Sneakers, the manboots and my ugly flats.  They're all going in the bag.  And you'll all see a picture if I succeed.

(TIP) Why take a picture of the contents?  Not just to prove I was able to get all the stuff in there but in case contents are stolen or lost, a picture of what you got is helpful for recovering from airlines or insurance. 
(TIP) When you are at any airport, take a look at what they offer for books and traveling and the local gift shop.  I did in Albuquerque, New Mexico's airport gift shop and FOUND AWESOME tiny LONELY PLANET phrasebooks. Who knew Albuquerque would have what I need?   Got one for French, Italian and Filipino (yes, that's what they called it - Filipino instead of Tagalog).  They are tiny, lightweight and easy to use!


  1. LOL at the FILIPINO phrase book. Must've been written by a TAGALOG person.

  2. maybe no tagalog for this trip ;(