Saturday, November 5, 2011

Admirals Club (Kris)

Oooooh!  Aaaaah!

Made it to the Admiral's Club.  Yes, I was the plus 1 to hubby.  It really is like a club.  You have to check in and everything and then you go up a special elevator to a floor of calm ambience.  Basically the complete opposite of where you have to go with the "regular" people.  HA HAHAHA.

Seriously, this area is calming - something fascinating right before you board your plane.  I'm typing on a computer for free that has an AWESOME screen by the way.

Gus and I just enjoyed free muffins, bananas, apples, chex mix and coffee.  Of course they have a full bar in here but it is 7 am so no drinking before noon!  They've even divided the area into sections - one area for tv watchers, one area for chair massages and one area for just quiet reading.  Good stuff.

OK well keeping you up to date!

By the way, Gus just told me that Kim Kardashian saw Reggie Bush two weeks before she announced her divorce!  SCANDALOUS!

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