Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The French Have a Right to be Snooty

So we ask the concierge for a breakfast spot before the louvre. He suggests ANGELINE, just one stop or so from the museum. We get out and we walk and walk as we weren't told exactly where but it was somewhere across the street. Thank god Gus is patient as we found it - amazing.

Apparently they are known for their hot chocolate but of course I didn't buy any. They have breakfast tasting menus which again I failed to have. Instead Gus ordered the croque Madame and I hade the mushroom omelette. Both were good - the croque fantastically delicious of salty, creamy crunchy bread, cheese and poached egg. Of course I made Gus split! It was so good that I didn't have time to take a picture. Good thing my head recovered and I took pictures of the sweets you see below.

Did you see the pics? Beautiful, delicate, gorgeous pristine creations of glorious butter and sugar! How I wish I would have ordered more and had the chance to return. I did purchase two macarons (one passion fruit the other caramel) which had that very light crunch yet perfect chew packed with the perfect combination of flavor. And I also ordered their version of an apple pie that I took with me as a snack and when I ate it an hour later it reaffirmed those show hailing the French as masters of the trade of all things dessert. The flakiness of the crust in my hands and on my tongue was bliss. This was perfection. No sour apples topped with mass amounts of sugar, rather the sweetness of the apples shining through the touch of cinnamon love. What a fool I was for have not eating it the moment I bought it and for not having purchased more! I tell you if you find your way to France do not hesitate in indulging it its carb offerings! Yes the allure of Starbucks coffee (if you order black coffee in a Paris restaurant they put a shot of espresso and add water) may get you as it did for my husband but I spit on what Starbucks has to offer in its pastries having had the delectable Paris patisserie! Angeline spoiled me and I don't know what I will do without her.


  1. Overnight me some macarons........ (and Greg his poster.)


  2. Bienvenue to my world ;) There are some places near your work though...