Thursday, November 10, 2011

Venice (Gus)

Wow! Right when you get out of the train station you see the buzz! This city is alive. Water is constantly flowing through it and the main attraction St. Marks Square is below sea level. We got lucky as the heavens that we're dishing out rain opened up her sky to the sun (I wonder if my Angel had anything to do with it?).

We got on a bus (water bus) and got dropped off a good NYC block from the hotel. Good thing I got Kris that luggage for X-Mas last year because it sure has worked out. I'm a little sad that I did not get one myself. I know random thought.

While walking we encountered a lil Trattoria that looked amazing. I know resturants in the States call themselves Trattoria but they are full of shit. More on that later.

We finally got to the hotel the staff was awesome the lady from reception loves California. Not sure if we got the upgrade but we got a nice room on the executive floor.

Ahh the Trattoria. We got a little snack while we waited for the courtesy shuttle (boat) to take us to St. Marks. There was a bunch of fisherman drinking wine and eating these little fried balls. I like anything fried as much as the next person but what could these be? Fried green olives! They were fantastic. So was the lil panini with shrimp salad. What makes a Tratorria a Tratorria is the food was already made just waiting for you to walk up and order. It's cheap as hell and it has a neighborhood bar feel. You don't get that at the Trattoria' s in the USA.

See sample photo as we did not order this dish and ate the ones we did before we thought about taking a pictures.

St. Marks was just cleaned up from the rain and it was beautiful just like the pictures minus the all the people. We just walked up to the bell tower and took the lift to the top. From that height you can see all of Venice it was like looking down on a giant maze. Went down walked right into St. Marks Basilica (again, no line) it was awesome. No pictures are allowed in St. Marks :-(. However, I've never been one to follow rules :-)

After that we walked around the whole island. We checked out the Gondolas, Shops (good thing Kris has no room in the luggage), La Academia, Fruit and Fish Market, the Rialto Bridge, Churches ( I think there were enough Churches on this island for all the sins I've committed)and finally we just sat down for a cup or should I say shot of coffee in St. Marks Square (where I saw this American wearing all University of Missouri gear. It was so funny I had to text Rob a pic).

We finally ended up by our hotel for dinner. Another Trattoria that just does Pizza's for dinner. Then up to the hotel SkyBar to listen to some chill jazz music and relax.