Sunday, November 20, 2011

Niño Restaurant Rome (kris)

We aren't in london now, but again this wifey is lagging on posting. Gus recounted our last evening in Rome. It was nice to spend it with some newlyweds as they were about to embark on their adventure and we were ending ours.

Thank god for a wonderful last meal at suggested restaurant, Niño. It's just steps away from the Spanish Steps. Other than the neon green sign, it's pretty nondescript. Upon entering nothing speaks fancy. Just well lit, wood walls and very straightforward food and service. Only downside? Dessert. Don't bother with that.

Above: white beans in olive oil to start. Simple goodness to smear on bread.
Below: salad - hunks of fresh tomatoes and blocks of mozzarella doused with olive oil. Excellent.
Not pictured: Marinated artichoke hearts - so good we ended up ordering another pair for the table.

Above: beef carpaccio salad with parmigianno. According to Gus, it wasn't so much that it was raw, it was more the combination of all the ingredients that made it unique. Carpaccio alone good, all together, with the perfect bite of aIl ingredients - perfect.

Above: beef filet - medium rare. Excellent, juicy, moist, perfectly cooked.

We also ordered pasta with artichokes. This pasta was fantastic as the noodles were homemade and al dente.

Adrian ordered hamburger. And it's a plain looking hamburger patty that surprised Gus and Adrian as totally flavorful in its rareness.

Sam ordered a penne arrabiatta. Me n Gus didn't try it, but it looked decent.

Dessert was not so hot. Tiramisu PALED in comparison to what we had at Pandemonio in Florence.

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