Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Bleu Heaven (kris)

Culinary savory delights met me at Le train Bleu. A wonderful surprise at the train station on our way to milan. A friend of Gus recommended the restaurant and I had no idea what to expect. I mean c'mon at a train station? We walked into the train station and came across small vendors of snacks not fine dining. And them I looked up - a rise of stairs to the magical place Le train Bleu!

Gus came upon an angel - read hottie - that welcomed us and with her French accent took away our luggage and whisked us away to our table.

And we were amongst the French elite do the business world, me in my man lots and blueberry parka sitting next to three piece suits. I knew this place was gonna be good.

This isn't just about the food. This was about the ambience too. Classy people and classy digs. And a cat! Le chat!

But onto the more important items - the food. Pricey. Tastings. Seasonal. Could this train stuff be good? The simple answer? YES.

I ordered the pumpkin soup - from the autumn menu. DIVINE doesn't even cut it. Luscious, creamy, warm, filling, comforting. Died right then? Perfection. Paris, my husband, and a damn good cup of soup that had a dollop of butter on top. The crisp side with cheese on top? That was the cherry on top. Sublime people.

I was full but I was a champ and continued to eat.

The lovely number you see above is the fish with chorizo risotto and a chorizo chip. The chorizo fat sauce was strewn around the plate and gave a punch to the fish...a salty kick that t needed with its delicate flaky tender body of meat. It was good. The soup was astounding though.

And can you believe it? I had no room for dessert!

As for Gus's meal? He dictates to me...

As you can tell, my homey is an afriCAN not an afriCANT. Seriously I think he's from Senegal...he had a really cool accent. I digress. He carved up Mary's little lamb leg so delicately making sure not to put one pice of fat on my plate ( I was a little hurt by that ). In any cAse, medium rare done to perfection. The au jus was delicious and the potatoes au gratin used a cheese I'd never heard of before. Did I mention that while eating this email there was an angel there? Anyways by far the best meal we've had so far on the trip. Again thank you Felipe for the rec.

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