Friday, November 11, 2011

Florence (Gus)

Waking up to the news of a Raider win is awesome!

Yesterday we get to the hotel and we are steps away from The Doumo. We did what we have been doing all trip, we just walk right in ( no lines). The inside was cool but we really wanted to go up top to check out the painted ceiling.

Little did we know we'd be doing the stairmaster for 30 minutes. But when we finally made it up after a couple ninjas passed us it was well worth the exertion. The weather was perfect and you could see all of Tuscany.

Yes we had to walk down!

As ingenious as these monks were you'd think the would have added lifts. As we were closer to the exit I had a sudden craving for hot wings...

After the duomo we walked along the flea market, saw a bunch of leather goods and other crap that no one really needs, along with some really stylish sweaters and stuff.

We enjoyed a gelato, a cup of coffee, a cannoli and strolled around town. We went back to the hotel and changed to get ready for dinner.

Per my legal advisor's recommendation we went to Buca lapi. My wife also liked this choice because she read the reviews and they said it was good. There was some miscommunication but we ended up with a table. I had the steak florentine, she the wild boar and we did splitskies. It was absolutely delightful until my wife got too inebriated. She asked herself to leave the restaurant because she wanted to walk. We happened upon this weird museum club where you could au to make your own mittens. I thought it was shit. My wife in her state of mind thought it was the greatest thing in the world. I guess it beats the weird pop jazz we've been listening to the entire trip.

We finished our walk with gelato and coffee - a perfect way to end the night.

That's bacon fat on bread.

Steak florentine

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