Tuesday, November 8, 2011

St. Pancras Station FOOD (kris)

Who would I be if I didn't mention food?

So we are at the station and had like a million hours to kill. We walked and walked and took random shots but of course we had to eat! And at the train station they've got good stuff. We avoided Starbucks and went to source market that offered scotch eggs to charcuterie. We had the Spanish plate and the English plate.

Lots and lots of cheese. Obviously not on the diet here. Oh and they aren't lying about service - these folks take their time! Cheese, bread and olives should take what five minutes to pull together? How about 20? They aren't mean about it, just well yapping away with one another as they prepare.

Peyton and Byrne. Have no idea what the hell it is in London but I was drooling as I came upon the beautiful cakes and pastries as seen below. Barely in London and wanted to spend all my money already on food. Of course! By the way ended up having a slice of banana chocolate cake - deelish!

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