Sunday, November 13, 2011

Please Tell Mother

Hello. Please tell mother we've made it to Rome. And yes, we tried the famous McDonald's near the Spanish steps. Before you make fun of us, 800 Italians were in there. It was a madhouse. Odd. Very odd.

We look cute on the Spanish steps right? Black and white photos make everything better.

Mc Donald's above - mc cafe is the entrance.

Craziness! Carts for the food.

I guess the chef's hat is supposed to make it better? Not.

Yup that is mayonnaise for the fries.


  1. They have those carts at IKEA. It's the best when you have 2 kids trying to running around and you can barely carry a tray and push a stroller.

  2. Dude, going to McDonald's in a foreign country is a must! Is the McRib going down over there?

  3. Also, where are all the gelato pictures?

  4. The carts were cool. This mcds was beyond ikea madhouse! Thanks for commenting! We thought no one was reading anymore!

  5. Thank god the mcrib ain't here! Whatever we ate, some weird "chicken" patty was not good! But I did like that the bun had bacon bits. You are right! No gelato pics! We eat them too fast and dude I'm a little sick f them if you can believe it.