Monday, November 14, 2011

Florence Day 3 (Gus)

Psyche! We didn't stay in Florence for day 3! We went on the best of tuscany tour,, Siena, San Gimignano and Pisa.

Our tour guide was named Stefano but he looked a little bit like my brother. We got front row seats, of course, because if you know my wife we have to be 30 minutes early. They were kind enough to let us wait on the bus instead of standing outside in the cold florentine morning. Everybody wanted our seats. We got to talk to Stefano and our bus driver Fabiola and we had the best view in the house. As a matter of fact I think we were the only ones to see the sacred wild boar of the tuscan mountains.

Our first stop after we got out of the roman gates (the walls that kept the barbarians out of Florence) was Siena.

Siena is best known for three things: the color Siena from your crayons box - a type of red you can see in the bricks from the pictures, the Palio horse race and having 20,000 university students living within the city walls (just because it has the oldest working bank in the world I guess people want to study Econ there or something).

What many people don't know is there is a little church in Siena with a room of frescoes that to our guide's knowledge has never been restored!

It's crazy that the teenage mutant ninja turtles knew about this church. It has works of Michelangelo and Rafael.

Once we left Sienna, we headed for the hills deep in Tuscany. We had lunch at a Winery with views that would make anyone call this their backyard.

I'm going to get medieval on your ass(pulp fiction reference)! San Gimignano is a little village deep in Tuscany that has these sky-scraper like buildings, torture museums, sword shops and wells in the center of town. We were done with climbing shit so we decided to chill at a Cafe and take in the experience.

Pisa baby! Crazy that the leaning tower is still there. In WW2 the Nazi's used Pisa as a strategic strong hold and the allied forces were bombing the crap out of it. However, the tower is right next to a roman cemetery so it was off limits due to the historical significance. Kris and I decided to have some fun with the tower and the tschue tschue train that brought us to the site.

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