Sunday, November 13, 2011

Florence Day 2 (Gus)

Let me start by saying good job to Gus on picking the hotel which is walking distance from everything. Also, we get breakfast with a view of the Duomo. Not bad a bad view from the backyard!

With that said, we start of to the Uffize Museum. We are completely prepared to wait in line as Alex warned us and so did every guide book and map in town to make reservations but we decided to test our luck. As we walk up to the Museum there are these monster statues that are just awesome on they are on the outside. It's like someone told these poor bastards they were not good enough to be inside. We don't take too much time as we want to get in line before the Museum opens. We walk in go through security get our little Museum whisper guide and walk right in. Oops, we did it again (Britney reference before she got trashy).

The Museum is full of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! We had Rafael and Michelangelo, Botticelli (wait is he one of the tenors?) and Renoir. No pictures allowed at the Museum :-(. But we got a few anyway...hehe.

After we followed a group of Japanese tourists through the Museum we hit the "old bridge" I guess back in the day it was used by the butchers to slaughter shit and throw out all the bad stuff in the river. Now a days its used to house a jewelry mart. I had a chance to ponder why the doves cry (Prince reference there were a lot of Doves nesting on the roof of the Jewlery Mart) We did a little window shopping and headed for lunch deep into the town on a recommendation from the doc. BTW...Does any one know how to say arrest me and let's play with your handcuffs in Italian?

The restaurant Pandemonio was virtually someone's house that they converted into a restaurant. The food was awesome and "mama" was hilarious. She kept asking us to drink. I think it's because she wanted the excuse to come to our table and have a glass (as we saw her do with other patrons). I won't get into the food because Kris wants to write about it but I had this Florentine stew that "papa and mama" both had for their lunch. It delivered! Good job doc.

Walked back to Ponte Vecchio for some more window shopping...hehe. Then went to see what the big deal was with David. NO FOTOS (Kris is soo not sneaky)! On the way we saw the white boar bronze thing that is supposed to be good luck if you rub the nose and throw some change in his mouth. When in Florence...

After David I finally got to take a little nap. After all it is vacation. We saw some street art and got a little pizza for dinner. Today was a good day(Ice Cube Reference).

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  1. What did you think of the pizza there? I loved it! It just had a different taste over there and the size was just right.