Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sorrento Day 3 (Gus)

We definitely wanted to check out the Amalfi Coast while in Sorrento. Again, no tours and there were rock slides so the road was closed to buses. A private car was really our only choice (since Kristin would not jump on the back of a Vespa and they don't rent Ducati Monsters).

As luck would have it we met this couple recently engaged wanting to go to Positano. They wanted to check out the Church on the beach that they were planning on using to get married. However, they have only seen it online and they were just trying to get everything buttoned up this weekend. The 4 of us got a private car.

Again, lady luck was smiling down on us. It was about 70 degrees and perfect. Our driver Tony grew up in the area so he was very knowlegable on what was where and where to stop for the good pics. He worked on a cruise ship after college so he knew like 5 languages so communication between English, Spanish and Italian was easy. It really was the perfect way to end our Italian leg of the trip.

Not much to do in Positano or Amalfi but check out he Churches. The Church in Amalfi is unique because St. Andrew is buried there. St. Andrew is JC's OG! He was the dude fishing that laid don his nets and started to follow JC around. Anyhow, Amalfi was also the area that was closest to the holy land so the crusaders would leave and come back to that port. Oh, and these bad ass knights from Malta chilled there hence the cross.

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  1. a DUC would've been sick to finish out the Italian trip!