Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Something About the Vatican (kris)

Ok so I realize the catholic religion is tarnished and the Vatican is littered with controversy, but the art, the awe, the grandness of it all is amazing and worth witnessing.

First stop, the courtyard where you not only see this sphere of art, but with a guide walk to boards surrounding the courtyard that previews what you will see in the Sistine chapel. Reviewed in courtyard because the Vatican requests all visitors to be quiet in Sistine chapel.

What's fascinating about this above photo, is that Michelangelo, originally a sculptor, used this torso as his inspiration to create the paintings on the Sistine channel. He was taken by surprise when the pope asked him to paint rather than sculpt but of course he obliged.

Gus took pictures which he wasn't supposed to. The ceiling is rather brilliant...

Ok Gus already showed the pic above but I want to point out that Michelangelo created this when he was JUST TWENTY FOUR years old!!! It's a symbolic piece...

After Sistine chapel you get guided into st. Peters basilica. Look at that light! Yes it ups the spiritual feeling. The size of the church is massive.

Ok cheesy pic alert! Had to mail something from the Vatican!

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  1. You should've had a pic of "the light" hitting Gus!
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