Sunday, November 13, 2011

Things I've Learned/Observed Part 2(kris)

Saturday is GO OUT night in Florence! Friday night quiet and then Saturday erupts into young people hitting up clubs in hotels.

The use of phones to text, update, email while dining is nearly nonexistent.

Wearing jeans is not a faux pax.

Trains actually leave on time! If you know where the train station is and already have your ticket you don't have to get to the station super early. The assignment of train numbers to your trip doesn't happen until a minute or two before you leave.

It's not that horrible to drag around your luggage with wheels on the uneven and/or cobble pavement.

So you never get lost find the highest point near you and remember it to use as a guide to get back. In the case of Florence it was the campanile and duomo and it always gave me a good point of reference.

They sell condoms in vending machines on the streets. Safe sex. Yah!

If you are handicapped you're f'd. Really would be difficult to navigate with a wheelchair or cane or crutches.

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