Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On the way to Italy (Gus)

We were able to navigate the train system in our Frenglish which is a huge accomplishment. It was raining and ugly when we left France. We were expecting the same as we entered Italy. Buona Serra Milan!

Lucky our hotel was two blocks away as we got in a little late at eleven o'clock at night. I know what you are probably thinking - poor things they didn't even get to eat! Again lady luck was on our side as we had the best ham and cheese pannini in the world.

As we woke in Milan sipping cafe americano on my balcony, we had to make a game time decision. Do we stay in Milan for the day watching supermodels smoke their cigarettes and drink their diet cokes and visit JC at the last supper or do we go to Venice?

Seeing as I haven't seen the sun, since the Friday afternoon before we left, kris and I decided you've seen one cathedral you've seen them all - lets go to Venice baby!

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