Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Paris Day 2 Continued (Gus)

Losing my Religion (REM Reference). After the Lourve we went to the Notre Dame Cathedral. It's amazing how much detail there is just on the outside. I went looking for the hunchback but he was chilling with Joan of Arc (they are both dead for those of you reading the blog thinking they are out on a date or something). The stain glass windows were amazing and in typical old school catholic it was in the shape of the cross. I got chills thinking about all the history and alter boys that were molested in that place(hehe just kidding JC).

Next, we were walking down the river back toward the Champes and we saw this lil river cruise/taxi. The cool thing is it takes you to see all the bridges of Madison County(no, Clint Eastwood was not around but we hear Johnny Depp was in Paris).

We walked the Champs and ended up with reservations at the 58 Tour Eiffel. I'll let wifey tell you about the food and stuff.

We walked from the 1st floor restaurant to the the second floor observation point. Then walked all the way down the 669 steps because I have the patience of a dog when it sees a squirrel (Movie Up Reference) so I did not want to wait in line for the lift.

BTW...she was not allowed in!

I then saw the most amazing thing ever when I got us lost walking back to the hotel. It was a BMW Vespa Scooter thing! I think I want one just to say I have it.

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  1. Still no Pigalle? French burlesque is so fun ;)