Saturday, November 5, 2011

Business and Upper Class (Kris)

Ok, so much to report.  And we have many pictures, but they are on the one ipad that we have and gus is watching tv on that ipad.  So I'll upload sooner or later.

Business class on AA well basically is awesome.  Dude, they walk around and hand you fresh hot towels with tongs.  What the?

And now we are at the Virgin lounge in NY and hello?  FREE ice cream.  FREE chips, FREE cookies, FREE waters, FREE soda, FREE food.  I know they say money can't buy you happiness, but money sure buys you perks.

Writing on one of Virgin's business access computers before we board.

HAD to write, because um, went to go to the bathroom and opened the door and some guy was taking a dump.  WHOOPS!  Luckily I only saw his feet, we never met eyes and I ran away in horror so he wouldn't know who opened the door and I wouldn't know who he was. Trying to block out his shoe color so I don't recognize him.



  1. All caught up! So basically, you've already eaten a ton of shit. And all of it's free. Plus your bathroom adventures have continued. I hope you run into a floater while you're there. Ok, bye. Hugs and kisses - Clee

  2. That's awesome! The poo adventures start early, huh?! lol...nice!

  3. You guyssound like the travel part is already the big fun. Take care!