Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random Things I've Learned (kris) part 1

I'm learning/observing random things along the way...

There are more acts of PDA. I think it's because many people use trains so there is a lot of coming and going, a lot of hellos and goodbyes.

We're on a lot of trains on this trip so we've been seeing a lot of graffiti. Graffiti in Paris is a lot of black gray and silver. In Italy there is more graffiti and more color is used.

When going on a train from France to Italy, there is no one to stamp your passport. Sad face we have no stamp to mark our entry into Italy.

Second class on trenitalia is pretty nice. Needn't go for the first class.

There isn't porn on tv! Ha ha. I heard all this chatter about euro tv having sexy/raunchy commercials and programs. At least on our hotel channels there were none.

Euros like their bathtubs. At hotels we stayed at, bathtubs were large and inviting.

Parisians are actually nice. They don't smile but they are helpful. A few times I asked for help and didn't get dissed.

Speaking of smiles, I smiled a lot. This really disarmed parisians and Italians. Maybe they aren't into smiling because of their teeth? Oh but don't smile at the hustling vendor! You smile at that guy and they don't stop. Egging you to buy their plastic Eiffel tower or fake louis v bag.

A good looking coat goes a long way for fashion. I have no idea what the hell the Parisians or Italians were wearing half the time but their beautiful long trenches from leather to wool always made me look twice.


  1. dude...there's porn on tv. you have to wait till midnight or later...ala skinamax!