Friday, November 4, 2011

Just Five Hours (Kris)

Ciao amicos!

Here's our BEFORE Italia picture.  We're happy but boy are we tired.  We haven't seen each other in days and now we'll be traveling at the hip for the next three weeks.  If we bicker, my hope is to keep it to a max of 15 minutes a day.

Did I finish all my work? I think so.  Man, I sure hope so.  Thanks colleagues for helping with my mind that "checked out" in the last week.

I apologize in advance for not bringing any goodies from Europa back to the States.  My bag is packed to the brim and I'm not sure how I can fit any tchotkies.

What else?  MUCH LOVE to friends and family.

We'll update when we get to Londontown!

Oh and Gus wanted me to write ARRIVEDERCI BITCHES!  :)

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