Friday, November 18, 2011

Roma "The Last Supper" (Gus)

Our last day in Rome was relatively relaxing. We slept in! Well, 8:30 for us is sleeping in :-). Then we took a stroll in Central Park. Not actually Central Park but it just like Central Park it's called Borghese Gardens. It had statues, museums, a dog park and views of the entire city. It was amazing that one family back in the day created all this in the middle of Rome.

This guys Ass is Rock Hard! Is that my Daisy girl?

The City is magical from this point of view.

The Last Supper! My buddy Adrian and his WIFEY Sam got to Rome for their honeymoon the night before we took off to Sorrento. We made a reservation for Nino's by the Spanish Steps because Adrian and I told our trusted Attorney and Contract Guru Mitch that we would eat there. The food was good and the company even better. Kris finally had people she could drink with and we had a meal that will never be forgotten.

Before you leave Italia you are suppose to throw a coin in the Trevi fountain for a wish and to return to Rome. I wished for a free trip ;-)

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