Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rome day 3 (Gus)

It was a chilly day in Tivoli but we had a great time checking out Hadrian's Palatial playgrounds and the Villa D'este gardens. Our tour consisted of a couple from Israel and a couple from Colorado.

Hadrian was this bad ass emperor who basically created this little city for his wifeys, slaves and all the kids and his boy toys (soldiers). He was hardly even there because he was off conquering and kicking ass. The sad part is that it was bombed 22 times in WW2! It looks great for being 2000 years old.

The Church had this Cardinal who was the Godson of the Pope. The Pope gave him this Villa to chill at. The gardens are amazing! The Villa was built on the side of a mountain and has a water filtration system that powers these beautiful fountains with just gravity. More stairs but totally worth it!

We asked the tour guide what's the best Pizza near our hotel and he led us to this place, la botte, with whole pigs in the window. However, it delivered.

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  1. Awesome pics, guys...especially the black and white one with the GQ model. ;)