Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Le Train Bleu (Gus)

On our way to Italia we stopped by Le Train Bleu. My co-worker Felipe told me about it's greatness and boy did it deliver! When you walk in you're greeted by an Angel from Heaven sent down by God to brighten our day. After said Angel takes our bags and asks someone to seat us we walk into the fabulously painted dinning room where business lunches are taking place. The menu is amazing. There is so much to choose from with 3 different tasting menus and a la cart dishes. Everything we tasted was like butterflies floating in our mouth (Original Iron Chef Reference).


  1. Don't make me laugh, I might pee a little ;)

  2. ^^^ umm practice ur kegels sandra, tmi! lol
    anyways, any pix of the infamous "angel" guys?
    mayb on ur way back then, pls?
    Love the pix, keep em comin!!