Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Masterpiece (kris)

Gus is so good at detailing our day that I'll throw little things here and there.

As Gus mentioned we walked 15 minutes past the jewelry mart on the bridge Ponte Vecchio to go to the restaurant, Pandemonio. Just when you think you are lost, this little gem of a restaurant opens itself up into a two part dining room in which we got to eat in the "outside". On the outskirts it's actually quite popular as evidenced by news articles about it hanging on the walls from the new York times.

We were first to the restaurant right at noon. My feeding times are quite early compared to these italianos!

And then we embarked on a simple yet incredibly memorable culinary journey on a random afternoon in Florence. Blessed and thankful.

Above is the masterpiece. Who cares about David? This artichoke and parmigianno salad with olive oil was fresh, crisp, unique and flavorful. The raw artichoke was cut in such a way that it was easy to chew with the nutty salt cheese. I fell in love with this dish and it really had me wanting more.

And then I dove into the fat pillows of ravioli generously doused with Gorgonzola and stuffed with ricotta. The ravioli noodle al dente! Thank god for the arugula to cut the richness of the cheese. Divine.

Ahhhh! Dessert. All the food was so good that we forced ourselves to take part in the indulgence of dessert. Tiramisu. Never been a fan but this homemade version? I am a convert. It was sloppy and refined at the same time. While it looked overloaded with chocolate it wasn't that sweet. Spongy but not mushy, well kind of mushy but not the type of mushy where it's been sitting there too long. Cheesecake was good too, very creamy.

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